Electric & Manual Sausage Salami Filler Machine Speed Adjust

This is a manual sausage filler  combine with a motor, so that you can use manual and electric to operate the  machine.

The adjustable speed motor with  pedal control allow you to make your sausages more efficient.

If you want to make a large quantity of  sausages or you are tired to make your sausages manually you can attach the  motor on the machine to have a relax sausage stuffing experience! Say good bye  to the sore arm!

The manual sausage filler is dual gears design with full body stainless steel.

The huge drive gear, notched piston rod and all  metal gears are built to deliver and withstand the pressure needed to stuff  even small sausages.

Two solid stainless steel plates create a sturdy frame  that won’t bend or bow  under pressure. Two speed design: high speed raises  the piston quickly for  filling the cylinder, low speed is for stuffing  casings.

Air release valve in piston ensures even pressure and better  results. Heavy-duty rubber gasket seals the cylinder to prevent leaks. Stainless cylinder is removable for easy filling and cleaning. Mounting  holes in base. Includes four stainless steel stuffing tubes (16mm, 19mm,  25mm and 38mm).

The Sausage filler is perfect for  camping, butchers, food supplies,  households, delis, cafes,  takeaways & restaurants.


To ensure the motor works smoothly, please remember the  following steps:

  • Combine meat with pork, seasonings (and  cure if used), and 50g-100g of water per KG of meat being  mixed. Water will not weaken the flavor but will allow the  meat to flow more freely through the stuffer and tube.
  • After meat is mixed, immediately begin the stuffing process.  Meat mixed with seasoning will quickly “set-up” and become  difficult to work with, which will cause undue stress on the stuffer gears.