Motor Attachment for Sausage Filler

Sausage Filler Motor

This motor can convert our sausage  fillers list above into an electrical sausage filler. You don’t need to  worry to have sore arm by attaching this motor onto our sausage fillers.

The adjustable speed motor with  pedal control allow you to make your sausages more efficient.

If you are tired to make your sausages  manually; if you want a more efficient sausage filler without spending too  much money; if you want to enjoy the fun to making sausages, this motor is  the one you must have with your sausage filler.


To ensure the motor works smoothly, please remember the  following steps:

  • Combine meat with pork, seasonings (and  cure if used), and 100g-120g of water per KG of meat being  mixed. Water will not weaken the flavor but will allow the  meat to flow more freely through the stuffer and tube.
  • After meat is mixed, immediately begin the stuffing process.  Meat mixed with seasoning will quickly “set-up” and become  difficult to work with, which will cause undue stress on the  stuffer gears.