Meat Slicer 10”

Perfect deli cuts of your favorite  boneless meats are always within reach thanks to this heavy-duty commercial  grade slicer. Finely honed blade rarely needs to be sharpened, even with  frequent use. Sharpener is included for when it comes time for sharpening.  Sliding carriage and food holder arm ensure consistently smooth and precise  cuts. To adjust thickness, just turn the graduated knob. This slicer will  slice as thin as 1mm or as thick as 12mm and any thickness in-between. Auto  shut off feature for added safety. Strong 320w motor. Skid resistant  rubber feet.


Thickness Range: 1-12 mm
320W motor
Italia made highly resistant stainless steel cutting blade
Thermal  safeguard
Graduated knob
Food holder arm
Movable bulkhead
Knife guard
Built-in blade sharpener
CE Cetification Complied
Auto  shut-off
Skid resistant rubber feet
Data plate
Weight: 14.5 KG.

12 months Back to base WARRANTY !!!